Koala Tree by Lambrini Niaros

ARTIST NOTES: King of the bush is he. Bringing the outside in, this eucalyptus hued piece is inspired by the Australian bush and its organic and earthy colours.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Resin on Wood
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42912-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Lambrini Niaros
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Artist: Lambrini Niaros


Lambrini creates one of a kind resin artworks that explore the concept of the ocean through organic movement and fluidity.

Growing up in Melbourne's south-east, Lambrini draws her inspiration from its stunning yet simple coast lines. Lambrini’s work reveals an incredibly intuitive approach with fluid compositions, particularly suggestive of ocean-like forms and shapes that explore the interactions between the shallow and the deep.

Her layered works convey the ambiguity and complexity of her local environment. Resin art has allowed Lambrini to explore dynamic colours, organic movement and fluidity. She is especially interested in creating a ‘calm’ in her artworks.

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