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Height 40cm x Width 40cm

Acrylic on Paper

Genre: Still Life

© Julie Kala

NRN# 000-41342-0136-01

Exhibit# 207

Rust In Peace

Height 52cm x Width 42cm

Acrylic on Paper

Genre: Other

© Julie Kala

NRN# 000-41342-0159-01

Exhibit# 208

Converse Collection

Height 35cm x Width 70cm

Acrylic on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Julie Kala

NRN# 000-41342-0166-01

Exhibit# 206


The Beach

Height 42cm x Width 35cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Portrait

© Julie Kala

NRN# 000-41342-0228-01

Exhibit# 209


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